Performing Chasing Synchrony 2.0 at Central Saint Martins, 2017, photo by Ben Lansky


Dejan Mrdja is an award-wining artist, practising architect and lecturer in architecture.

He is a director of Studio SYN, a London-based critical practice operating across spatial design, art, research and education.  Dejan teaches architecture at Central Saint Martins BA and Cardiff University MA courses. He has extensive experience in master planning, urban regeneration, refurbishments, mixed-use, housing and arts & culture projects, which he gained working for a number of design-led architectural offices.

Dejan’s worldview is shaped by the experience of living in several distinct political and economic systems – capitalism, socialism, democracy, autocracy, monarchy, transitional systems and also living through a period of civil unrest and war. Consequently, he is drawn to questions of power relations, political identities and spaces, extreme social conditions, historical causation, population displacements through geo-political shifts and impact of technology on the perception of reality.

He works at the intersection of art and architecture, and addresses his interests through cognition, repetitive body actions, testing body limits, mark-making, rhythmical gestures. He builds his art work on a strong theoretical base as a result of his teaching practice. While doing so, he seeks out to create robust, immersive experiences for both the participants and the audience.

Dejan uses a range of media in the process, such as performative drawing, video collage, spatial installation and sound. He regularly collaborates with fellow artists and professionals active in the fields of literature, music, visual media and architecture, bringing in their knowledge, methodologies and worldviews.

He holds an MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins, London (2017) and a Degree in Architecture Engineering from the Belgrade University, Serbia (2006).


Visit Studio SYN’s page for works and news  – www.studiosyn.co.uk







Performing Tools for New Ways of Being at Central Saint Martins, 2016, photo by Ben Lansky


Performing Chasing Synchrony 1.0 at Central Saint Martins, 2017, photo by Cat Cubelo


Working with Central Saint Martins’ students of architecture on a pavilion project in February 2016, photo by YK Park