[ Дејан Мрђа ]

My name is Dejan Mrdja, I am an artist, architect and educator.

In my art practice I use a range of media, such as drawing, painting, performance, video, sculpture and installation. I am interested in the notions of cognition, body action, repetition and rhythm, mark-making, personal and political identity, and population displacement.

My art is often participatory. I am always interested to deliver intense, immersive experiences for the audience and participants alike. I regularly collaborate with professionals from other disciplines – music, linguistics, media and architecture.







MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins, London, UK

Dipl. Ing. Arch.,University of Belgrade, Serbia

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I work across three disciplines (art, architecture and education), which enables me to open up new realms of perception, maintain critical thought and action, and ensures that my practice is situated and immersive.

Work in Architecture

I am one of the founding members of Studio Syn_,  an interdisciplinary architecture and interior design practice based in London and Athens. Our design approach is holistic and critical – we combine our design savvy, common sense, intuition, empathy and our practice in art.

Work in Education

Since 2015 I have taught MA and BA architecture courses at a number of UK universities, such as CSM in London, WSA in Cardiff, LBU in Leeds, UWE in Bristol and others. When I teach I focus on art methodologies, collaborative and site-specific practices and on imagining future architectures for societies based on principles of social empowerment and radical empathy.